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Richard M. Carson
Why are you passionate about healthcare?

I like being part of the process that helps people and I am extremely interested in the technology and its application.
What inspires you and why?
I am inspired by the minds that create ideas that lead to innovation but I am further inspired by individuals whom are able to really connect with their audience and in fact are sales agents for their idea. Call it teaching, preaching or whatever.
What Book is on your nightstand?
Eclectic selections, Peter Newman’s biography of Israel Asper, The Kite Runner and John le Carre.
Who inspires you?
Winston Churchill. His “off the cuff” remarks were often thought out well in advance and delivered as if they just came to him. His had great determination to prevail and overcome all enemies whether in his own party or at war and in leisure (he was an artist and a mason-bricklayer). He overcame depression and self doubt to accomplish so many things including being an excellent writer.
What makes you happy?
My family and my business
What do you do for fun?
I enjoy physical exercise and I enjoy reading immensely. I love to see new places and understand some of the history surrounding them.
I also enjoy gazing out over the wilderness and simply enjoying the moment.
Last but not least I enjoy being with friends.